Frewville & Pasadena Foodland
12 - 18 AUGUST 2020
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Whole Legs of Australian Lamb, $10.00kg (Save $0.00)Smart Buy<br>SA Pork Medallions, $11.00kg (Save $0.00)Australian Atlantic Salmon Cutlets, $20.00kg (Save $0.00)
South Australian<br>Mandarins Loose , $2.00kg (Save $0.00)
Certified Organic Carrots Loose, $2.90kg (Save $0.00)
Asian Bunch Lines<br>5 for $5, $5.00 (Save $0.00)
Lipton Ice Tea<br>1.5L, $1.95ea (Save $2.00)
Squeaky Gate Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml, $6.00ea (Save $4.00)
Vanish Gold Napisan 1.8kg-1.75lt, $11.00ea (Save $11.00)

Specials available from Wednesday August 12th to Tuesday August 18th, or while stocks last. Pictures for serving suggestions and illustration purposes only. Specials available only at Frewville and Pasadena Foodland and are in addition to Foodland’s colour catalogues. Household quantities only.

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