Frewville & Pasadena Foodland
3 JUNE - 9 JUNE 2020
We thank you for your support of our stores, staff and local suppliers during these extraordinary recent times. It has been incredibly challenging for many in our community and we recognise that everybody’s experience has been different depending on their circumstances.

We’re pleased though that South Australia is faring relatively well, with some restrictions easing such as dining services and we’re excited to announce that Mr Nick’s Kitchen & Coffee Bar has now re-opened (patron limits & social distancing applies) with also a new seasonal menu coming very soon!

As household budgets are also currently under increasing pressure, we recognise the need for many families to stretch their grocery spending and with our Chef Assist video segment on our Facebook and Instagram pages, we can showcase inspiration to home cooks to create cost-effective family meals with our fresh produce and weekly special savers!

Specials available from Wednesday June 3rd to Tuesday June 9th, or while stocks last. Pictures for serving suggestions and illustration purposes only. Specials available only at Frewville and Pasadena Foodland and are in addition to Foodland’s colour catalogues. Household quantities only.
Premium Whole<br>Scotch Fillet Portions<br>Spot Buy<br>(Fri 5th Only), $25.00kg (Save $0.00)Australian Premium<br>Scotch Fillet<br>Family Pack, $29.00kg (Save $0.00)Australian<br>Lamb Legs, $12.50kg (Save $0.00)
Australian<br>Tamarillo, $1.00ea (Save $0.00)
Australian Hass Avocados, $1.90ea (Save $0.00)
South Australian Loose Mandarins, $3.00kg (Save $0.00)
Certified Organic Dutch Cream Loose Potatoes, $2.00kg (Save $0.00)
Cashews Salted/Unsalted Premium Halves 400g, $6.99ea (Save $0.00)
Coca - Cola Drinks 1.25lt , $1.55ea (Save $0.00)
Fab Laundry Powder/ Liquid   1.8-2kg/1.8-2lt, $5.50ea (Save $0.00)
Rexona Anti Perspirant 220ml, $3.75ea (Save $0.00)
Tip Top Muffins 400g<br>6 Pack, $2.50ea (Save $0.00)
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