Our salumi and panini kitchen!

Inspirations comes from Spain to create this unique concept infused with passion, family, tradition and the celebration of food. Our Salumibar creates a journey into the pleasurable world of charcuterie counter displays with many of the world’s top quality cured, artisanal meats such as Jamon Iberico, Prosciutto and Chorizo.

Our signature salumi and cheese board flights for 4 people feature ever-changing tastes of produce paired perfectly with gourmet pantry flavours encouraging sampling the best of the best of our produce. With a superior range of prepared dishes like zucchini flowers, smoked salmon or panini to take away or to eat standing up at the bar.  

The quality is exceptional and we specialise in culinary traditions based on the best salumeria, panini, mozzarella and pecorino cheese that invite gourmet families and lunchtime dwellers to meander and choose gourmet items and entertaining boards. A great selection of salumeria, prosciutto, aged pancetta, osso collo, aged chorizo, smoked fish and cheese from every part of Italy and Europe and a small selection of prize-winning olives, antipasto, cheese from a far and the local regions and the traditional balsamico.

Ask us to suggest an interesting wine to complement your food, or go for an aperitivo with nibbles from the salumeria selection.

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